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We are a
proud and
group of women.

We have come together because we are proud to be women. We can relate to our members who are diligent women with ambition, goals, and dreams, and we will not stop until we can provide the perfect and ideal environment to support and empower them.

Our Mission

We believe strong women
build powerful communities &

We are
stronger together.

As simple as it may sound, it’s quite straightforward – we are capable individuals, but if we come together, we are unbeatable, we are smarter, and we are more resourceful. We must take advantage of the power generated by our unity to change history. We must leave the legacy that our future generation women leaders will be proud to follow. And at Women Nation, we are bounded by that shared goal and mission, and we find that ambition to be quite beautiful.

Our fuel, our drive

A community
strengthened and
empowered by
each other.

A change cannot happen overnight or through one participant. We need the power of the community to generate a meaningful transformation. As an organization, we are hopeful that with the right synergy, right partnerships, and alliances, we can overcome many obstacles together. But most importantly, it must be done for our future generations to follow.




I am inspired by the
vision of the world led by
beautiful and powerful
women leaders.

Why I began this journey
I have often found myself in peculiar situations where being a woman in the room made me a minority, especially in my work as an executive. It led me to do what I naturally do when I discover a problem - finding a solution. Over the past several years, I felt compelled to find a way to empower women to excel and accomplish beyond limits. This passion surpassed my original scope of the dream, which was merely to find a solution. Looking at Women Nation today, my promise to our community is to serve them to the best of my abilities until we can ensure equitable representation of women across all sectors.
Alexandra Park Souto

Founder, CEO of Women Nation

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Want to join us?

We are always looking for passionate and dedicated talent to join our team to expand and grow. The stronger we become, the better we can serve our community’s members.

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